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About Old School Sports Days:

Re-live those childhood memories as you take part in classic sports day events from the egg and spoon race to the wheelbarrow race. Each hen group will be broken into “houses” where you will compete against the others to accumulate the most points for your “house”.

All of the old sports day classics will be on show in this event ranging from the egg and spoon race, bean bag on the head race, sack race and many more child hood classics. 

At the end of all the races & competition the winners will be those who have won the most points for their house.  Why not put a twist on the day and make it fancy dress!

Example of Events:

• Egg and Spoon Race  • Soft archery • Bean Bag on Head Race  • Vortex
• Wheelbarrow Race  • Relay  • Sack Race  • Assault course  •8 Legged Race 
• Balloon race • Skipping Race • Space hopper race 


from £20 pp
(Add a dodgeball experience for an extra £5 per person)

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