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Birthday Party Packages

All packages and activities can be adapted to suit your needs!
All of our party packages are available at a location of your choice or we can arrange a location for an additional fee.

Some Party Options:

Bubble Football (Age 9+) - £170

1 hour bubble football session with 2 coaches for 10-15 children. Bubble football is a unique bouncy twist on the traditional game of football. Each player is encased within a zorb like inflatable, covering the upper body and head. We offer bubble football as an indoor or outdoor activity throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. 

- FREE additional 30 minute football match/games (no bubbles).

Ultimate Archery (Age 8+) - £150

1 hour ultimate archery session with 2 coaches for 10-20 children. Ultimate archery is a fantastic new safe and friendly combat archery sport that can be played indoors or outdoors. A mix between paintball and dodgeball, it's an archery game with two opposing teams which uses specially designed archery bows and ultra-safe, foam tipped arrows. 

- FREE extra 20 minutes playing time (80 mins total).

Football Party (Age 6+) - £100

90 minutes of football fun for up to 20 children. Love football? A favourite of 4Ward Sports, our very own football party. Indoor or outdoor, the session will consist of fun games including our favourite dizzy penalties and finishing with a match. Children beware - instead of yellow and red cards your 4Ward Sports coach will hand out forfeits! 

NEW OFFER - FREE football.

Nerf Wars (Age 7+) - £170-£250 (depending on numbers)

Nerf Wars party with 1 or 2 coaches depending on the age group. Our NEW nerf wars party is great for all ages and both boys and girls. The format is easy and we can visit a venue of your choice, even your own home. The create the combat mood camouflage inflatables and other props will be used. The session will start with a fun assault course to get the group in the mood for combat. Laser or traditional nerf guns are available, at every party. 

NEW OFFER - FREE extra 20 minutes playing time (90 minutes total).

Party Fun (Age 6+) - £170-£200 (depending on numbers)

2 hours of fun with 2 coaches for up to 20 children £170 or 20+ for £200. To start the party off, 4 archery stations will be at the ready with a coach to support and a bouncy castle will be on offer with a second coach taking care of numbers and keeping within the safety guidelines. After a little free play coaches will entertain the children with a host of proven fun games and a favourite for all children, it's time to get the adults involved for a tug of war.

Kids Winter Party Idea - £170:

Indoor Party: 3 stations and fun games:
Station 1: Nerf shooting range
Station 2: Football darts
Station 3: Soft archery

Small groups move from station to station, then getting together for fun games to finish the party. 15 children, 2 coaches (cost of hall hire not included).

• Reward Days • School Fetes • Leavers Parties • Open Days

We run a range of children parties, the party packages have also been used for award days and leavers get togethers.
Activities include:

Bubble Football, Bouncy Castle, Tag Archery, Nerf Wars and Fun Games