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Creating athletes...

4ward Sports has created 4ward Fitness to work with the wider community with both children and adults. Using up to date research, technology and many years working in a coaching environment, we have developed a range of programs to suit the needs of the community what ever the fitness level or personal goal!

We have not labelled a child a footballer, dancer, boxer, track star etc, but as an athlete needing the same range of skills and attributes to be able to participate in a range of sports.

There is a large amount of evidence showing why a child should not stick/concentrate on a single sport.

Skills to work on: Agility, balance, co-ordination, speed, reaction time, strength, power, ……..

Attributes: Growth mindset, love of sports, determination, sportsmanship, self management, leader.

Extras: Nutrition, resources, preventing injuries

Now list the sports that can benefit an athlete if they were to work on everything above. Long list?

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