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Top Up Training

• Football Coaching • Fitness • Agility, Balance, Coordination 
• Speed • Strength and Power • New Technology

Football Academy

4Ward Sports runs a football academy for football players with experience wanting to push on to the next level. When a player begins their journey with us we ask they complete a self assessment. This is repeated during and at the end of the season. How we differ from the rest: following a program through the season and focusing a large part of our time on ball mastery and with Athlete First working on agility, balance, coordination and speed work, fitness and much more.

Football Skill School

The skill challenges run along existing 4Ward Sports coaching programs. As usual each coaching session has a topic, however each session will allow approximately 15 minutes to practice the challenges.

Under tested condition each player has three attempts at each skill, however a failed skill can be addressed on a different date. Successful skills will be recorded by the coach.

There is no time limit on the completion of a badge. 4Ward Sports are hoping children embrace the challenge and practice at home! Dare I say it, keeping off electrical devices a little longer.

The cost of taking part of the skill badges are free of charge, the only cost the child will incur will be the usual cost of the coaching session.

A free 4Ward Sports metal badge will be given to each successful player on their first badge, thereafter, a free certificate will be awarded. The certificate can be upgraded to a badge for £3.50.

Monday Night - 4 all standards:

• All standards welcome
• Ages 5-13
• Time: 5.30pm-7.00pm
• Cost £5 (weekly)
• Program in advance
• Fitness and A, B, C's addressed
• Working towards skill badges
• Venue - Goals, Hall Rd, Norwich

Monday Night - Academy night:

• Experienced players only
• Time: 5.30pm-7.00pm
• Cost £5 (per week, paid monthly)
• Fitness/Athleticism tested and recorded
• Working with athlete 1st
• New technology 
• Venue - Goals, Hall Rd, Norwich

A modern approach to grass roots football

Our aim us to support your footballing journey using our experience through years of sports coaching. We will introduce new technology, recording our ABC's results for progression. With the help of athlete 1st we can address the attributes of a modern footballer.

Football has advanced over the years, technical ability still plays an important part however at the forefront of a modern footballer is their amazing fitness, agility and speed. Just look at Ronaldo, or how full backs are getting up and down the pitch.

What will athlete 1st bring to our sessions?

Sessions are based on the sporting demands required by the players/athletes. Focus will be given to fitness components required, these will include; strength, power, speed, coordination, balance, endurance, biomechanics development and technical assistants.

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